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Individual Health Benefits

  • As you know, health care funding is continually being reassessed. As governments reduce coverage for some health care services, and cease to provide others, more responsibility is placed on unsuspecting Canadians to pay out-of-pocket for their own routine health-related services.

  • Government health insurance plans generally donít cover expenses such as dental care, prescription drugs, vision care, preferred hospital accommodation or registered specialists and therapists.

  • Custom-designing your health insurance plan is fast and easy. Your personal health plan can be flexible and a comprehensive health insurance plan.

  • We offer uninterrupted health and dental coverage for you and your family, when your employment and group benefits end. If you apply within 60 days of your loss of group health and dental benefits, you will qualify

If you're self-employed or are an employee of your own business, health and dental premiums may be a non-taxable benefit and a tax deductible expense. For others, the premiums may qualify as a medical expense and create a tax credit.