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We are specialists in

  • Plan Design- Discussion and analysis of needs, desires and the creation of the appropriate plan format.


  • We have developed a good reputation and rapport with the major insurance carriers in Canada.

  • We are able provide all types of Group Insurance quotes such as: Fully Insured, ASO (administrative services only), Flex Benefit and Self-Funded Plans.


  • Our strength lies in the technical analysis of existing Employee Benefit Plans.

  • Our professional analysis aids us in developing efficient plan designs suited to your business.


  • We provide assistance in setting up administration and the enrollment procedures to get a plan underway.


  • We continue provide ongoing help with concerns, administration and claims issues.

  • We pride ourselves on providing our clients with superior service.


  • Staff training, management advisement and employee orientation are provided to our clients.

  • Seminars to the employer on different aspects such as taxation rules, new market trends etc. are also available.